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Unsigned software will make customers think twice about installing it as the publisher details weren't authenticated.

But with verified software, customers will be at ease, assured the creator has been authenticated and verified.

What makes Sign PE so unique:
With Sign PE you can sign your Windows software with no pre-installation required and with no additional files or programs needed.
It it not required to locate (or download) signtool.exe or any other system program. Unlike other Code Signing tools, Sign PE has everything embedded.

Sign PE User Interafce

Sign PE - Code Signing Parameters

PFX File– the Code Signing Certificate file you received from your service provider.

  PFX Password– a password or Private Key you have assigned to this PFX file (recommended). 

Description– the description text which will accompany the Digital Certificate. 

Description URL– the URL which will appear in the Digital Certificate. 

Sign PE - Version String Parameters

Version– the number of the current version. I.e. 

Description– the description text to appear in the executable’s properties. 

Copyrights– the copyrights text to appear in the executable’s properties. 

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